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Hello world! I have a new website!

Youpurify.com is about making the world a better place, by being healthy, wealthy and a natural beauty. Eco-business is a perfect business for today!

It’s time to take action! Everyone wants healthy kids, but a healthy life and environment too. By removing and PURIFYING contaminants from your NUTRITION, WEIGHT, BEAUTY and HOME! Making sure we have eco-friendly products help the earth, but will ensure our healthy life. Each section has information about toxins we buy every day. If you need a part-time job from home visit the business section. Also, you’ll learn about network marketing or how to make money online by direct marketing from home.

Recently I’ve been learning and doing research on many harmful toxic chemicals that are in the food that we buy from the grocery store near us, household products, personal & skin care and cleaning supplies. I decided to make an informational website about these issues to PURIFY your body, health & home. An example of organizations against the selling and manufactoring of these harmful toxins is, Saferchemicals.org who is trying to pass a law against these kind of chemicals around us daily that cause many illnesses from; obesity, cancer, ADD, Autism, allergies, asthma, diabetes, malnutrition, deficiencies and so much more BUT IT WILL TAKE 5 YEARS to pass and who knows how long each company will decide to rid of these chemicals! Come visit the website I have created on Saturday Sept 10th. I will soon make a fanpage on facebook soon, come join!.

youpurify.comYoupurify.com is IT! It’s about being healthy, having full nutrition, slim, energetic, being our own boss and being naturally beautiful. If you are looking for an additional income then youpurify.com has a business starting section you will be excited to be a part of.

Spanish translation: (Porque?: Últimamente he estado aprendiendo mucho acerca de productos químicos tóxicos que se encuentran en nuestros alimentos, productos, cuidado de la piel y productos de limpieza. Decidí hacer una página web al respecto para purificar su cuerpo y su casa. Saferchemicals.org está tratando de aprobar una ley contra estas sustancias químicas tóxicas que causan muchas enfermedades a partir de, la obesidad, el cáncer, ADD, autismo, alergias, asma, diabetes, desnutrición, deficiencias y mucho más pero se tardará cinco años en pasar y quién sabe cuánto tiempo cada empresa decide deshacerse de estos productos químicos! Venga a visitar el sitio web que he creado en el sábado 10 de septiembre a las 16:00. Voy a crear una “fanpage” en facebook”.

Youpurify.com se trata de estar sano, tener una nutrición completa, ser delgados, enérgeticos, ser nuestro propio jefe y que naturalmente estar hermosos.)
Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families www.Saferchemicals.org A nationwide effort to pass smart federal policies that protect us from toxic chemicals.